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  1. Lisbon is the mountainous, seaside capital of Portugal.
    The vista from the magnificent So Jorge Castle includes the pastel-colored buildings of the ancient city, the Tagus Estuary, and the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge.
    The National Azulejo Museum, located nearby, displays beautiful ceramic tiles from five centuries.
    A line of Atlantic beaches stretches from Cascais to Estoril just outside Lisbon.
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  2. O Aeroporto Humberto Delgado (LIS) serve Lisboa, a capital de Portugal. O Aeroporto Humberto Delgado (LIS) serve Lisboa, a capital de Portugal. O Aeroporto de Lisboa tem dois terminais de passageiros.
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  3. Lisbon Airport, officially known as “Lisbon Portela Airport,” is Portugal’s largest and busiest airport, with over 22 million people passing through each year.
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  4. Der Flughafen Humberto Delgado, auch einfach Flughafen Lissabon oder Flughafen Portela genannt, ist ein internationaler Flughafen, der 7 km nordöstlich des Stadtzentrums von Lissabon, der Hauptstadt Portugals, liegt. Der Flughafen ist das wichtigste internationale Eingangstor nach Portugal.
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  5. There are three modes of transport from Lisbon Airport (LIS), which has the official name Humberto Delgado, to the city centre: lisbon airport taxi, metro and bus. Lisbon airport taxis are the most convenient option for your transportation.
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  6. To get to Lisbon Airport from the city centre (and vice versa) it is possible to use metro, bus, taxi.
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  7. Lisbon stands out for its magnificent natural environment, spread over the slopes of seven high hills and ending on the banks of the Tagus River.
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  8. Der Flughafen Humberto Delgado, auch Flughafen Lissabon (port.: früher Aeroporto da Portela) ist der internationale Verkehrsflughafen von Lissabon, der Hauptstadt Portugals, und der größte Flughafen des Landes. Er wird von der Flughafengesellschaft ANA betrieben. Seit 2012 besteht eine direkte U-Bahn-Verbindung zur Innenstadt Lissabons.

    Die portugiesischen Luftstreitkräfte Força Aérea Portuguesa (FAP) nutzen einen kleinen Teil als Militärflugplatz und bezeichnen ihn als Aeródromo Militar de Lisboa (Figo Maduro).

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  9. Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) personnel went on strike on August 15, causing four-hour delays at border check at Lisbon airport, as well as the temporary suspension of several flights, according to ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal.
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  10. Portugal’s capital is at once a picturesque, cosmopolitan and creative city, marrying the historic with the modern, the traditional with the contemporary. Lisbon is at its best on summer evenings, when the cafes in the pedestrian streets and the riverside restaurants are buzzing with life.
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